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Project Description
This tools allows you to model and generate an Omniture implementation. Omniture is a high-end web analytics tool. There is a fair amount of complication to create an implementation. This studio manages a model and generates standard documentation and a DLL for site inclusion.

Getting Started
Site Implementation

The studio allows you to use model driven development to create an Omniture implementation. After you define yoru model a strongly-typed DLL is generated just for your implementation. There is no generic implementation! The custom library has your evars, props, and events in it. It also masks the standard nomenclature of prop1, prop2, evar5, etc. Your SEO team can use any names they wish and alias them with descriptive names. This in no way influences your setup on the Omniture website. This is purely and abstraction at the code layer. Your .NET code is easy to read.

Also you never write JavaScript or hand code XML files. The generated library uses your defined model to output the necessary variables, events, javascript, etc. The entire implementation is handed by your model. You simply add the evars, props, and events to your .NET code and all the behind the scenes work is performed for you.

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